Studying For The NASM-CPT: Starting Out Oh So Slow



So For those that don’t know I am studying for my NASM-CPT exam. I want to take the exam by my birthday at the end of April. I’ve sort of gone about this the cheap way. I have the text book and am slowly, very slowly making my way thought this thick ass textbook. But, I must say that I’m highly frustrated. I got the text this fall and started reading it and stopped, made an outline and stopped, made some flash cards and I’m trying to refocus myself. This anatomy and all these terms are over whelming. I come from an engineering/business background and this feels like another part of my brain. Remembering formulas and their application are entirely different. Looks like the old school flash card method will be used A LOT!!!! In an attempt to get the ball rolling a little faster and bouncing a little higher (WTF?!?!?! I sound like a crony elementary school teacher) The first thing on my list is to break down this text in to smaller pieces. I have roughly 4 months and 20 chapters. So a detailed schedule will be posted soon! Just a little frustrated tonight, but I’m dedicated to moving forward thanks for listening/reading.


Doc Dread’s Kitchen Files: Clean Meals for Picky Eaters

This is one of the meals I make when I’m eating clean. Simple and easy to make in bulk for the week. stir fried chicken, roasted broccoli and brown rice. I am a picky eater so I eat this meal a lot. It’s taste good and it’s good for you to not to mention I can eat a ton of it and it fits perfectly into my calories and macros for the day.

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Workout and diet change. NOT A RESOLUTION!!!

So it’s New Years again so get ready for all the new people at the gym that are gonna hog the cardio machines and fumble around with the free weights!!!! Now by no mean am I a great bodybuilder more of a on again off again gym rat. Basically I love to eat!!!! Eating as to be the best fucking thing known to man second only to sex…maybe….. But I pretty much eat what I want and once I hit about 150+ lbs I decide it’s time to get my ass in the gym before things get outta hand! But after a season of playing football I got addicted to the physical activity. So I timed out my workouts so It was time for a change up at the beginning of the year; not because I needed a New Year’s Resolution I don’t do that shit, but I was going back to 1st shift at work and I can go to the better gym. Any way….this new program is about challenging my self both physically and mentally. Going to be as discipline as possible and kick my own ass on a daily….the new program and diet is a follows. 


  1. Build muscle
  1. Decrease body fat percentage

Workout Program:

Body By Science from

6 week muscle building program

Calories and Macro-nutrients:

Workout Days                  Non-Workout Days

Calories: 3717                   Calories: 2717

Protein: 143g                     Protein: 143g

Carbs: 629g                       Carbs: 268g

Fiber: 42g                          Fiber: 28g

Sugars: 92g                       Sugars: 67g

Fat: 69g                             Fat: 119g

Saturated Fat: 41g              Saturated Fat: 30g


New program starts 1/3/14 A full break down of meals coming in the next posts.


Day 1 With Doc Dread: Why are you here Doc?

What up? It’s Doc Dread….I’m startin’  this blog to share my experiences and track my journey….Journey to get these GAINZ!!!! Last year was my rookie season playing full contact football and I LOVED IT!!! It’s made me focus on getting in better shape and building a strong lean (good looking) body!!! So I did what everyone does…I searched YouTube for more info on lifting weights, theories on training etc. I found some great channels, The Hodge Twins, Physiques of Greatness, Elliot Hulse, CT Fletcher, and Mike Rashid. I love all of these channels POG and TMW are hilarious, I always refer to them when I have question or what to see what I can do to stay on track. The only thing that I didn’t find was a popular channel like their for women. So this is my attempt to share the knowledge and experiences with other women out there who are not interested in “toning” but want to build some serious muscle!!!!! I love to lift while I’m still new to da game I’m addicted already. “LIGHT WEIGHT BABY!”

Doc Dread

Building Muscle NOT toning!